DC Shorts Film Festival 2017

SEPTEMBER 6—17, 2018

Showcase 13

This showcase runs approximately 90 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page with time afterwards for Q&A with filmmakers. Due to the adult nature of some of these films, this showcase is appropriate for ages 18+.


Saturday, September 9th @ 9:30pm
Tuesday, September 12th @ 7:00pm

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Joy Ride

Drama • United States • 16 minutes

Emma doesn’t see her mom much. One visit goes awry when her mom’s dealer boyfriend takes her for a ride. Can Emma retain her innocence?

My Irnik

Documentary • Canada • 15 minutes

A film about a father and son’s relationship and the passion of shared adventure. Set in Arctic Canada, Conor, a young father and a native of Montreal fell in love with the northern way of life and with a woman from there. Now, with a young family, he helps to pass on the native traditions and ancestral culture to his son, as he learns them himself.


Drama • United Kingdom • 15 Minutes

Growing up in 1950s England in an intolerant and uninformed world, young Chris Winters struggles to fit into the gender roles dictated by wider society. A more than tough childhood left behind, Chris meets dream woman Julie, and life lightens a little, but the growing feeling that theirs is a life half lived haunts Chris.

The Endless Days

Drama • Canada • 15 minutes

Isolated in a secluded country house, Simon challenges his mother’s authority and confronts the norms. His behavior rubs off on his younger brother Colin, a sensitive boy longing for a father figure. To keep Simon from running away, Colin orchestrates a perilous plan.

Better Known As Peaches Christ

Documentary • United States • 4 Minutes

Drag icon Peaches Christ offers a rare, intimate glimpse into her process of transformation, and describes the path from stifled teen to brazen cult hero.

All The Marbles

Fantasy • United States • 17 Minutes

A timid little boy challenges a villainous bully to a game of marbles in a bizarre and fantastical world where marbles are as precious as gold.

Unmoving Derelict

Documentary • United States • 9 minutes

When a man notices a defunct metal utility with a weird shape in his neighborhood he can’t figure out why it’s there… and realizes it’s not just one, but identical relics are all over the city invisibly ignored by most people.

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