DC Shorts Film Festival 2017

SEPTEMBER 6—17, 2018



DramaHorror/Suspense • United Kingdom • 15 Minutes

Dylan’s nightmares are becoming more real. He’s got to get away or he might not wake up. Jenny is all he lives for and he’ll do anything for them to escape.


Drama • United Kingdom • 13 Minutes

Daniel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hasn’t seen his identical twin brother Mordechai in years; Mordechai’s ‘life choices’ were a bit too much for the family to handle. But today is the day of their father’s funeral


Drama • New Zealand • 9 Minutes

This film follows Anna, a young woman on the Autism Spectrum, and what happens when her routine is unexpectedly interrupted when someone takes her seat on the bus

GRAS: Generally Recognized as Safe

Drama • United States • 8 minutes

Alex, the regional manager of a veterinary pharmaceutical company, risks losing the business of veterinarians in her California county, unless she can buy their loyalty before new FDA guidelines, requiring farmers to get prescriptions for antibiotic use in livestock, are enacted.


Drama • Ireland • 20 minutes

A thriller set during a traffic jam on a country road. When a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party to find her, and soon everyone is a suspect.

House Party

Drama • United States • 16 minutes

After a recent loss, a directionless loner named Peter stumbles into a strange but all too familiar party, where a series of unusual encounters force him to face the issues he went there to escape.

I am…

Drama • United States • 14 minutes

A boy on a bicycle demonstrates all the colors of life.

Joy Ride

Drama • United States • 16 minutes

Emma doesn’t see her mom much. One visit goes awry when her mom’s dealer boyfriend takes her for a ride. Can Emma retain her innocence?

Little Soldiers

Drama • United States • 2 minutes

While playing ‘war’ in the forest, young Max makes a discovery that prompts a simple question.


DramaThriller • United States • 15 minutes

When a high school misfit is taken hostage by a classmate with a gun, he must find common ground with the shooter in order to survive the perilous standoff.

Lunch Time

Drama • Iran • 15 minutes

A 16-year-old girl deals with the responsibility and harsh bureaucracy of having to identify the body of her mother

My Nephew Emmett

Drama • United States • 20 minutes

At 2:30AM on August 28, 1955 in the most racially divided state in the country, 64 year-old Mose Wright tries to protect his 14 year-old nephew Emmett Till from two racist killers out for blood. Based on the true story of the 1955 murder of Emmett Louis Till.

Oil Men

Drama • Canada • 7 minutes

The film shares the story of Canada’s controversial oil sands through the lens of female characters. Leanne Romanko, a young oil and gas chemist, begins to see the negative effects of tar sands extraction in her daily life as her mother is stricken ill.


Drama • United States • 7 Minutes

Shot in a single take the film revolves around a couple determining what they mean to each other. As the sun begins to set, will the same happen to their relationship?


Drama • Ireland • 15 minutes

On her 50th Wedding Anniversary a woman returns to the Hotel where she spent her Honeymoon. Will her estranged Husband return to honor a promise?

Generation Mars

Drama • Norway • 25 Minutes

Astrid is one of the winners of Generation Mars: A reality show sending the first humans to Mars, never to return. Everything is set for her to leave, except one thing. Astrid must say goodbye to everything she loves.


Drama • United States • 15 Minutes

A new kid shows up at the high school boys’ basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team?


Drama • Brazil • 20 minutes

Claudia decides to investigate her grandmother’s past and through a letter, she finds Marlene, an old German lady who lives in Brazil and keeps her memories inside a pool without water. During the visit, the old lady reveals details of her life that intersect with Claudia’s grandmother’s past, a German fugitive of the 2nd World War.


Drama • Spain • 15 Minutes

Carles travels by car with his teenage son, Pol. An unexpected incident will change the course of their lives.

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