DC Shorts Film Festival 2017

SEPTEMBER 6—17, 2018

Showcase 6

This showcase runs approximately 90 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page with time afterwards for Q&A with filmmakers. Due to the adult nature of some of these films, this showcase is appropriate for ages 18+.


Friday, September 8th @ 9:30pm
Monday, September 11th @ 5:00pm

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I’m in Here

Comedy • United States • 12 minutes

When a man finds a family of strangers in his house who claim to have bought the place, he agrees to let them stay until they can get to the bottom of the mix-up. They never leave.

Generation Mars

Drama • Norway • 25 Minutes

Astrid is one of the winners of Generation Mars: A reality show sending the first humans to Mars, never to return. Everything is set for her to leave, except one thing. Astrid must say goodbye to everything she loves.


Drama • United Kingdom • 16 Minutes

Inspired by Spain’s stolen babies scandal, Los Niños Robados the film follows a man whose son was stolen at birth and is convinced that he has found his long-lost child, and the child who refuses to believe it.

Arrested (Again)

Documentary • United States • 4 Minutes

Activist Karen Topakian has been arrested dozens of times for using nonviolent civil disobedience to protest. In turn lighthearted and moving, Karen’s story speaks to the need for Americans, now more than ever, to exercise this important First Amendment right.

The Milliner

Animation • United States • 5 minutes

With stop-motion visuals and sartorial special effects, ‘The Milliner’ is a playful exploration of the history of hats and design

The Trees of Eden

Animation • United States • 15 minutes

When Esarhaddon, a cruel Assyrian King conquers an unsuspecting nation, a mysterious old man appears and transforms the king into the image of the defeated, forcing him to experience the very lives that he has sought to destroy.


Drama • United States • 9 minutes

When Kenny is passed over for a promotion, he makes a decisive choice that puts a co-worker into the hospital and leaves him to suffer with the moral consequences.


Documentary • United States • 6 minutes

Four young guys from DC make up the band The Unknowns. Completely unknown in the music industry, they are taking their future into their own hands, performing full scale ‘pop-up concerts’ at metro stations and public spaces that stop traffic and gather huge crowds.

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