DC Shorts Film Festival 2017

SEPTEMBER 6—17, 2018

Parent’s Guide

We at DC Shorts feel that short films can not only entertain, but also educate and inform audiences on topics of importance in society.  At a young age, messages of tolerance, acceptance and understanding can begin to take shape.

The following films provide a springboard for discussion and teachable moments and we have highlighted some of the topics that could be used to discuss the film after the screenings.

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A Martian Picnic

Animation • United States • 5 Minutes

A Martian competes with a mysterious creature for the contents of a picnic lunch.

Potential Discussion Topics:


Brad & Gary

Animation • France • 7 Minutes

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, BUT you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Conflict resolution and learning from your mistakes


Animation • United States • 5 Minutes

Setting out to find lunch, a tree frog quickly learns that the hunter sometimes becomes the hunted.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Ecology and the environment and the cycle of life

I Like Apples

United States • 2 Minutes

Puppets sings the praise of this versatile fruit.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Love and healthy eating

Hot Dog

Animation • United States • 6 Minutes

A dog yearns to join the fire department despite his not knowing what to do.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Adventure, life journeys and following your dreams. Determination

L’Amie De Zoe

Animation • United States • 2 Minutes

Zoe lives in a green planet where everything is green…until her new red friend Maho arrives and changes her life.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Accepting peoples difference


Animation • United States • 2 Minutes

A young boy chases his wayward kite to discover a magical place where kites fly free.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Adventure, life journeys and belief in magic

Otis V. Monster

Animation • United States • 3 Minutes

Motivated by a modest reward, a hard luck lumberjack plots to capture Bigfoot.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Reward and motivation

Julian Dillon

Animation • United States • 5 Minutes

A hippoplatypus discovers that the universe provides solutions to even the most challenging and surreal situations.

Potential Discussion Topics:



Animation • United States • 4 Minutes

Two aliens try to work out their differences to fix their crashed UFO only to fall into an unexpected situation

Potential Discussion Topics:



Animation • United States • 5 Minutes

Ever wonder what magical things happen under your Christmas Tree?

Potential Discussion Topics:

The magic of the holidays and what makes the holidays magical.

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